The conventional procedure concerning a house purchase via bank financing, is an occasion that takes time and requires your attention for several weeks.

As IMS official partners, KTISIS Real Estate Consultants can guide you so as to be presented to you all choices in order to select the best and most economical solution for your loan release, WITHOUT BEING CHARGED WITH ANY FEES, either DIRECT or INDIRECT!

IMS company, with long-standing banking experience and, by maintaining mortgage contracts with the biggest Greek banks, coordinates the whole process with the parties involved for the successful fulfillment of the loan disbursement WITH NO COST for the prospective borrower (either he completes the disbursement process or withdraws from the agreement at any stage of the procedure).

The application for funding via IMS, which saves you from any other time-consuming and complex process, can be filled in for:

  • Purchase of a house
  • Purchase of land
  • Erection / completion of residence
  • Property repair

Even if you have not come to a decision regarding the property of your choice, you can formally request a financial approval from the bank for the amount you can be funded, as well as the monthly installment developed, in order to look for the property that meets your needs.

In addition, you increase the chances of obtaining the property of your choice, since:

  • you know in advance the price margin of the properties that you are searching for
  • you spend no time on submitting and evaluating the mortgage loan application, thus proceeding directly to the property inspection

Our new service option concerning mortgage loans, offers you the contribution of an experienced and qualified consultant and enables our partners to negotiate on your behalf the best terms for the banking product you are interested in. For example, there is repayment flexibility of the loan, i.e. in a possible change in your income, you can either reduce or increase the amount of your installment, or the option to skip a dose each year.